Tuesday, 10 April 2007

I've been tagged!

I was planning to post my #2 “Show and tell of finished projects” tonight, but that will have to wait. Why? Well, while blog hopping tonight I found that I have been tagged by Rose for The Thinking Blogger Award!!!

I’m shocked and breathless to be tagged for this in the first place, and secondly I‘m grateful for the really sweet compliment she has given me! Wow, she thinks I’m inspirational! And she’s grateful for my comments! Me? Who just blurt out what I think…?

And now I have to name my five favourite and inspirational blog sites! How can I pick out my five favourite and inspirational blogs? How can I choose from all the wonderful blogs and all the wonderful people out there? But here it goes… Please be aware that these are a selected few out of so many wonderful blogs… Nonetheless you five ladies are wonderful, and you truly deserve to be recognized for what you are: INSPIRATIONAL! Ladies, please consider yourselves tagged :o)

Cynthia: I know you have been tagged by Leigh as well, but… Your blog is one of the first I read on my rounds in Blogland. Why? Apart from the fact that you do beautiful and inspirational work, your blog is the reason I started blogging. Did I ever tell you this? I was searching the web for a swap – for some reason I just wanted to do one… and I bumped into the siggie swap. And seeing as it was a swap for bloggers, I figured why not start a blog? And here I am… three and a half months later and I’m totally hooked. Thank you!

Gwen: The first person to leave a comment on my blog – I have been an eager reader of you ever since, and your work is truly beautiful and an inspiration to strive towards!

Tracey (Ozcountryquiltingmom): who also was among the first people I met in Blogland, and whom I missed when she was away! For her book tips. For her way of sharing her life, and for her way of transforming thrift shop goodies into beautiful works of art!

Anne Heidi: I love your colour choices and your views on life! And for introducing me to a group of fabric swapers. I’m really looking forward to the black swap!

Suze: Thank you for your way of responding to my comments! I know I may come of as unknowing time and again – but this lady always sets me straight :o)

Like I said, these are a handful of wonderful and inspirational blogs; among others i would have loved to mention is May Britt - for her wonderful tutorials and her words of inspiration, Patti for getting me started on the hour glass quilt, Shelina for her ways of explaining, Su Bee and for her humour, the Chicken Lady for her way of caring, Jeanne for trying to convince me that Quilted Diamonds aren't as difficult as they look (I have yet to try *LOL*), and not least Rose - your Threadbare creations are bound for success!

There are a lot more of you out there which I read and find inspriration from. I wish to thank you all for sharing your works of creativity and pieces of your lives!

Sincerely, Anne


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Oh, this is a high honour indeed! I am really tickled pink by your kind words. It has made my day to be considered inspirational. (ps, I hope you know what "tickled pink" means, i imagine English is not your first language though you write in it so well!) I am still thinking about who to tag now, as you know I have a lot of difficulty singling people out!
Hope all is well with you and your family, hugs, Tracey

Rose said...

Thanks for playing along Anne and hope u had fun!!!......ur kind words about me, were so sweet and greatly appreciated, and when Threadbare becomes a success it will be because of the support i have recieved from wonderful people like u!!!
Take care.

Cynthia said...

wow! I don't know what to say but thank you. I'm so glad to know you enjoy my blog and no i didn't know that it was because of me that you began a blog of your own. I'm so glad you did as i enjoy reading your blog.

Hope all is well with you and your family.

gwen said...

I am getting all red on the face. What a nice surprise it was, Anne. You made my day. Like you I am quite new to Blogland and through it I have met wonderful women from all over the world. Quilting is a strong thread that sews beautiful friendship patterns! Now I will choose my 5 Awards. Thank you again. Hugs.

meggie said...

Lovely words you have for your blogfriends. It is a wonderful world full of wonderful people, this Blogland.