Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Tropicarium

Our last day at Kolmården we walked to the Tropicarium - they have a great display of tropical animals - here are a few glimpses:


The monkeys were roaming free in the first room we entered. This tree has heaps of bite marks, and so does my backpack after a couple of them jumped me. 

My friend K having a little chat with one of them:

They had baby Meerkats - tooo cuuute!!!

Hard to believe this isn't plastic:

What a face *lol*

I got to pet a ray fish for the second time in my life *lol* - it was a bit more slimy than I remembered:


Thank goodness not living as it was just outside the entrance:

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida

Friday, 27 June 2014

Kolmården zoo

Warning picture heavy! The first week of my summer vacation is nearing an end. I have spent the time traveling in Sweden with my friend K. The first couple of days we stayed at Kolmården - enjoying the hotell and spa:

The view from our room - you can see the spa area through the glass roof:

Of course most of our time was spent at the zoo. I took aprox 2 000 pictures and thought I'd share some of my favorites:

The sign at the hotel gate

Sea Lion:

Baby Camel:

Camel - this one came all the way up to the fenceline and layed it's head on the grass between the wall and the walkway. Not the same camel as we got to pet though:

Two Kulan with a foal 

A family of rhinos:

Elephants - one of the main reasons we decided to travel to Kolmården this summer was their baby elephant calf Namsai - the first elephant born in Sweden:

Of course we had to catch their elephant show

White-Handed Gibbon:

Baby Chimpanzee:

The gate to the safari gondola ride:


Girafes and bucks

Brown bears:

The bear Varulven (the Werewolf) - no idea how he got his name. 

The bears were fed the first day we were there, and when we came back the next day they were just laying around digesting.

Red Panda - the cutest little thing one can imagine, just want to pick it up and cuddle it

 More cuties - the Meerkats. Look at those teeth:

They aparently have two Snow Leopards - we only got to see one, but he/she was willing to do a pose for the camera (probably not!)

We got to see a lot of their six tigers, including feeding time. A couple of my favorite shots:

Look at that tounge

No secret I have a soft spot for wolverines - not sure why... This is the cooles pic I have been able to get of one yet:

European Pond turtle -aparently there were lots more than the one in the pond. I only got to see this one - K saw a couple more

The park has an awarded Dolphin show "Life". It was quite spectacular watching the dolphins perform to a selection of film music played by Norrköping Symphony Orchestra

Dolphins training for the show

This little guy was not a part of the park exhibition, but roaming the hotel parking lot - too cute though ;-)

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida