Monday, July 21, 2014

Japanese Lanterns progress

I have been spending a couple of weeks at the family summer house, and enjoying time on the verandah in the evenings I have made some progress on my Japanese Lanterns quilt.

Most of the dark blocks have come together, I have quite the stack in my sewing basket.. I still have a lot light blocks to stitch

- both for the center and for the edges.I haven't really prioritized the edge blocks as I have been stitching from both sides of my starting row, hoping to distribute the fabrics as eavenly as possible.As I don't have all that much variety it's a bit of a struggle, but I think I have done pretty well so far.

I have been thinking of maybe doing a ninth row, but I have to see how much fabric I have left to play with... ans how inspired I feel once the next few rows have been put together....

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gothenburg Röhsska Museum

Wednesday we visited Gothenburg Röhsska Museum for Design, Fashion and Decorative Arts. Anything is covered by this description as I discovered when I found a sign over the bathroom radiator


The ceiling of the museum shop

From the collection of early modern times

Tapestry Running water from 1906 by Swedish artist Gustaf Fjæstad - cotton, wool, and silk.

 Wool drapery Wild Roses from ca. 1900 by Norwegian artist Frida Hansen

The Le Courbusier kitchen

From one of their many display cases

Relief Saigon Fell this Morning from 1975 by Swedish artist Lillemor Peterson

 Falk Simon's donation - a lot of historical silver objects. Quite impressive

 From the exhibition Family Outlet by Zandra Ahl

A strange exhibition was the From the Coolest Corner - contemporary nordic jewlery. Some items were quite nice - others really challenged my concept of jewlery. Here are three that I actually like.

Broche Grandma sings the blues from 2011-12 by Norwegian designer Elise Hatlø

 Necklace Prelude from 2012 by Norwegian designer Anne Léger

Necklace Garland  from 2010 by Finish designer Aino Favén - this is made from used plastic bags/polyester cloth

In the museum shop a surprise exhibit of two mosaics from the throne room of Nebukadnesar II's (y. 604-563 B.C.) - the lion and the dragon

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Food while traveling

Ihave got a bit of an obsession taking pictures of what I eat while traveling, and this time I figured I'd actually use the pictures and make a post of my food diary - after all we have enjoyed a lot of yummy food along the way.

After a long day of travel from Oslo to Kolmården we enjoyed a lovely fish dinner at the hotel restaurant:

 The fish was succulent and just perfectly cooked and that potato puree was soooo yummy

For our second dinner at the hotel I had decided to go for the vegetarian canelloni, but believe it or not they had changed the menu from one dinner to the other! In stead I opted for the risotto with local goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes. I have to say this is some of the best stuff I have ever eaten! Perfectly balanced flavours. The portion was huge, but I just couldn't stop eating it

My selection from the breakfast buffet

We arrived late to Gothenburg on the Saturday evening and ended up at the local Hard Rock Café - my selection was the Smokehouse Chop Salad

A beautiful sunny and lazy Sunday called for a sushi lunch at the park - respectable quality sushi.

And what sunny Sunday would be perfect without ice cream. GB Magnum is celebrating their 25th birthday with a strawberry ice cream covered in white chocolate. Absolutely good, but not something I will miss when the anniversary year reaches it's end.

Palak paneer at Masala Kitchen - probably the best version of this dish I have had. The paneer had the perfect consistensy and the sauce was just to die for

Walking in the section of the city called Haga on Monday we came across the bakery "Husaren" and spotted these huge cinnamon buns in their window. Unable to resist we decided to share one for lunch

When I say huge bun, I mean family sized! After we both were more than satisfied this piece was still left on the plate, and there were several hours since we had had breakfast. We later found out this is a rather famous baked good known as "Hagabulle" and is the speciality of this one bakery

In the evening we went to the restaurant Jalla Jalla - the starter plate of Baba Ghanuj, Tzatsiki and Hummus was more or less gone before any of us got our cameras out, guess the bun wasn't all that filling in the long run ;-)

My entré was Samak Mishvie - salmon and prawns with a lobster sauce. The fish was a tad over cooked, but all in all it was a very pleasant meal

A touch of nostalgia - at the City museum they sold the bubblegum BUGG, which we grew up with. Can't say it was a heavenly flavour experience, but the bubbles still get as big as when I was 8 *lol*

After our tour of the Botanical Garden on tuesday we both were so hungry we decided to jump off the tram when we spotted a Spanish restaurant from the window. We opted for the Paella for two with seafood - a very colourful dish with lots and lots of flavour

And more than plenty for two hungry people  - there were lots of calamari hidden under that rice

Fish soup at the lokal food market for lunch on Wednesday - the consistency was a bit mushy, but the broth was very yummy indeed

And I just have to include this - their warning sign behind the counter "The food may contain traces of love"

For our final dinner I think we were both a little fed up with restaurant food, so we opted for a hotel room piknik. We finsihed off the sushi and some of the fruit and juice, but we the rest we brought with us on the train home.

The hotel breakfast buffet - basically anything and everything you could desire for breakfast

K enjoying the last meal before we headed for the train station (and a short stop for ice cream *lol*)

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gothenburg Botanical Garden

We arrived at the Botanical Garden in the late afternoon, and spent time till the early evening walking around all the colours and smells. We took a guided tour in the evening focusing on their collection of Japanese plants. I took a few hundred photos while there - here's a little taste of what the gardens have to show

We took a guided tour in the evening focusing on their collection of Japanese plants. I took a few hundred photos while there - here's a little taste of what the gardens have to show

The mansion gardens

Bird bath by Maria Martins - the shape is molded from a Gunnera leaf

The herb garden

The veggie garden - they had yellow raspberries, don't think I have tasted that since my grandfather passed away years ago

Wasabi - I had no idea it looked like this... aparently it's a plant that's difficult to cultivate, and what most people eat with their sushi is horse radish paste with green colouring

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida