Friday, 13 August 2010

Imagine the stash

Have you been following Darlene's Shnibblemania parade? I have! And it has left me super inspired to stitch large shnibbles. When I bought Carrie Nelson's book "Schnibbles times two" I intended it as a stash busting inspirator. Soooooo.... I dug into my precious fabric. Don't know if I have mentioned before that my stash is divided into five (perhaps not very logical) categories:

  1. 'precious' fabric - don't really have an explanation for this category, some fabrics just end up here;
  2. fabric - bits and pieces bought just because I had to - this is the bulk of my stash;
  3. fabric that is set aside for a particular project/pigs/wisps;
  4. pre-cut fabric;
  5. scraps.
I re-surfaced from my digging with a collection of FQs and some yardage from Jennifer Chiaverini's Circle of Quilters fabric line. I know I had a plan for these when I bought them, but have forgotten what that plan was *lol*

Darlene made the lovely Imagine quilt for Carries book, and I think it will look great with these fabrics so I'm starting with that. The cutting is done except for the outer border - not really sure I want a scrappy border...

The pieces has found their way to keep Bernie company - it looks like this quilt will be rather quick to piece, so hopefully we have something to show in not too long

Look forward to seeing how this turns out - I'll keep posting progress :o)

Mentioning Jennifer... this cutie showed up in the post a little while back signifying I have finished my SBS quilt:

Makes a nice addition to my collection of Elm Creek Quilts pins :o)

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida

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Darlene said...

Wahoo - I can't wait to see your Plan C! I love those fabrics!

The pin is so cute and very well earned.