Monday, 28 November 2011

Wolverines playing

I haven't had much chance to sew lately, so I don't have much to show that's quilt related. However I really want to share a little video I made when I went to the Nordic Ark with my family in the beginning of this month:

When we were there they had six wolverines, and we got to see two of the cubs playing for a really long time. This was on a Monday morning, and we were more or less the only people in the park at the time, and a couple of the wolverines came up close to the fence - this is my Dad saying hi the one we nicknamed Finn

(there's a whole long story behind the name - if any Norwegians out there have read the Knut Gribb stories, they might figure it out ;-))

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida


Annelies said...

They are having a real good time !

Doniene said...

Very interesting!!! I've always been fascinated with wolverines, though I've never seen one. I was raised in the Rocky Mountains of Northern Colorado, and heard lots of stories about them.


Meggie said...

So long since I have visited. I love your decor. My favourite stories are about animals these days.

Pam at Antique or Not said...

The cubs were really cute playing, but I don't think I'd want to meet their mama. ;o)


Sølvi's blog said...

Gleder meg til nqf-bladet kommmer. Ser du har fått forsiden, og regner med at det er litt stoff inni bladet også.

Suzie said...

What a fun to play! Nice to see them from the other side ;-)