Saturday, 21 September 2013

Loyal Union Sampler and Sylvia's Bridal Sampler

Elin posted a question on my previous post about the Loyal Union Sampler wondering if there were some of the same blocks in this sampler as there are in Jennifer Chiaverini's last big sampler quilt, the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.

With the pattern for 140 blocks in one book and 121 blocks in the other you might think there are some doubles, but no there aren't any of the same blocks. The theme for the two quilts are very different. The SBS being a wedding quilt with blocks symbolizing love, marriage, everyday life and friendship. The love and friendship you also find in the LUS, but the dominant theme is the American Civil war.

However there are blocks that look similar at first glance, and there are some blocks that have the same construction but the colour placement makes them different.

In the SBS there is a classic two colour Ohio Star (M-5):

In the LUS there's a three colour block that is a combination of the star and a cross making the Happy Home (E-4):

There are also variations of this star with different piecing in the corners than the simple squares in the two above. One example SBS B-7: Swamp patch

The pieces for the LUS block Oregon (H-6)...: made up of the same pieces as the LUS block Nevada (G-11), however the corner units of the block are turned the opposite  direction:

In the SBS the Sister's Choice block (C-4) has the same over all look as the Oregon block, but the constructuon is different:

You will also find there are examples of blocks within the same quilt where the piecing is the same and the colour placement is what makes the difference:

LUS Kansas Star (F-5)

LUS Chambersburgh (B-5):

SBS Boy's Nonsense (D-10):

SBS Gentleman's Fancy (K-6):

 There are also some blocks that are very similar in construction and can look rather similar, but still there are a bit of a difference:

LUS New York State (H3):

SBS Key West Beauty (M-10): 

LUS Indiana (F-1):

LUS Gettysburg (D-10):

And, as it should be (in my opinion), several variations of a sawtooth star:

LUS Abel's favorite (A-1):

LUS Diamond Star (C-8):

LUS Missouri Star (G-10):

LUS Pinwheel star  (H-10):

LUS Union Star ((J-11):

LUS Spurs (I-10) has the look of a sawtooth star, but is constructed differently:

SBS Sarah's Choice (H-3):

SBS  Sawtooth Star (J-1):

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida


Mitt lille rosa syrom said...

Nydelige blokker! Tydeligvis en bok som mangler i samlinga mi...

Elin said...

Interessant innlegg, Anne Ida! Er du framleis med på nett-gruppa? Håpar å treffe deg igjen snart.