Monday, 4 August 2014

Japanese Lanterns - second month summary

Friday I went to our family summer house to relax for the weekend, and in my bag was bits and pieces for the remaining blocks for my Japanese lanterns quilt. With a glass of wine and a good book on my MP3-player i spent quite a few hours stitching.

So what have I done over the last month? I have slightly altered the setting of the quilt; from an 11 rows x 8 rows setting to a 10 rows x 9 rows setting, so the total goal of blocks have slightly changed. However except for the side blocks, there's only six regular blocks left to do.

Sewing the blocks to the top I still have a long ways to go, as I haven't managed to do much over the last couple of weeks. But as most of the blocks are now done, my hand sewing time will be spent on putting the top together.

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida

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Chookyblue...... said...

wow great progress on the are doing so well........I haven't had a chance to sew for a few weeks so no progress on my quilt.........but I will have more papers this weekend too.....