Saturday, 9 April 2016

Weekend Bordering

My sewing goal for this weekend is all about attaching borders to a star/courthouse steps quilt I started while away at a retreat at Lapp Elisa's last October:

To the retreat I brought a stack of fat eights I had in my stash for ages, as well as a couple of FQs and some bits and pieces. When the blocks were done, there were hardly a scrap left. But since this was to be a quilt from stash, I didn't want to purchase any border material. I was thinking scrappy, but I haven't had a great idea for how to do it. So the top has been hanging on my quilt rack since I got home, awaiting a solution...

...which turned out quite simple, just a narrow 1.5" light scrappy stop border, and a floral Kansas Troubles fabric I have been hoarding . Why complicate what can be solved simply?

On to cutting and sewing! And looking through stash to figure out what would fit as a backing and binding...  Fingers crossed it will all turn out good!

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida


Trines hobby said...

Lekkert mønster og flotte dype farger, dette likte jeg:)

Elin T. Grov said...

Så fint det blei! Eg har truffe damene frå Lappemakeriet i helga, på Sogn og Fjordane-treff i Førde. Det var veldig inspirerande!