Monday, 18 June 2007

Weekend, SBS and A very special gift

This weekend was the medieval festival here in Oslo, and of course I had to spend a day down in the medieval part of the city. There have been a few years since I have been there, and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. Except from the knight’s tournament

there really wasn’t all that much going on. A few years ago they filled the entire medieval part of the city, now they didn't even fill one street. But I got to spend a day with a group of friends, and there is nothing to complain about when it comes to that :o)

I have also spent some time during the last days to stitch some more SBS blocks:

This is I-2 Winding Ways, H-5 Sylvia’s Shooting star, E-5 Handy Andy, D-3 Mother’s Delight, D-5 Square and Star, D-6 Odd Fellow's Patch, and L-4 Bride’s bouquet. The I-2 and L-4 are hand pieced, which was quite enjoyable seeing how well the blocks came together. I actually foundation paper pieced the D-3; and here you see the problem (one of the problems) with me and paper piecing – I get confused and switch the pieces around. What was supposed to be a green star with red beams ended up green/red and green/red… I’m not going to be bothered to do it over – rather think of it as a lesson learned – but I regret that I didn’t make the templates and pieced “regularly”.

Lastly; wonder what the very special gift I mention in the heading is? Well hop over to Nadine’s blog and have a look. I’m participating in this :o)

Have a great week!
Sincerely, Anne


Pieces From Me said...

Your blocks are great! I had never seen the sbs quilt before. I often thought of getting the novels but now I guess I will have to.

Guðrún said...

It looks like the horse doesn´t like the costume ;) The SBS blocks look great.

Connie said...

The blocks are fantastic and you are moving right along with them. I have never been to a medieval festival but I'm sure it's interesting.

Leigh said...

Your blocks are fantastic. Well done!

Rose said...

Only 14 more SBS blocks to go!!! wow, u have really got through the last half quickly!! i love these Anne and the D3 looks fantastic the way it is...i love the colours u r using. Wont be long and ull be all done....u should be very proud, they r all beautiful!!!

The Chicken Lady said...

My goodness, woman! You do such great work. I love seeing all your blocks. :)

Butterfly said...

Thanks for stopping by =O)

Sounds like you've had yet an other eventful

The blocks looks great. You're doing some fantastic work here!!!

Have a lovely evening.
Tone Yvonne

Pam said...

Your blocks look wonderful and D-3 looks great just the way you made it. I am stitching my DJ blocks by hand. I am the same as you with foundation piecing, I often get the pieces backwards and upsidedown.

I have joined in Nadine's surprise :))

Hanne said...

Your SBS blocks looks marvelous :-)

Darlene said...

I absolutely love your SBS blocks. It's very tempting to get involved but I'm trying not to. LOL

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I've signed in already!
I love the shooting star especially, I haven't seen that one before, shall have to investigate, tracey