Monday, 25 June 2007

Weekend update

The weather has been terrible the last days here; rain pouring, and last afternoon we had a thunderstorm. Meaning I have had some time to do some quilting. Unfortunately I can't show off what I have done just yet -seeing as it is a gift to a person that might just pop in to check my blog *lol* (I'll post a pic soon!)

Saturday night was the feast of St. John, and true to tradition there was a barbecue. We gathered at the summer house of a friend, a beautiful place by the Oslofjord. Because of the bad weather there was less bon fires than there usually are on this evening, but we had a wonderful evening. The rain eased up long enough for us to get the food done outside (with umbrellas over our heads), but we ate inside, and had a fire going in the fireplace. As a hostess gift i brought some coasters. Didn't have anything to wrap them in, so a ribon had to do...

Thank you Jenny B for the great tutorial! I have seen quite a few bloggers who have made these :o) They are a lot of fun, really easy and look pretty. Making four of them took me aproximately 45 minutes. I think she was pleased with them :o)

Wishing all a great Monday!
Sincerely, Anne Ida


Butterfly said...

Happy Monday.
I see you have had yet another eventful weekend. It's plenty of those this time of year. Sounded like you had a splendid celebration on Saturday.

Love the coasters you made. Think I'll have a closer look at the tutorial....

Have a wonderful week :O)


Rose said...

Those coasters r gorgeous and such a lovely gift, they look perfect wrapped in ribbon!!!
Glad u had a great weekend, despite the weather. The BBQ sounds like fun!! Hows that "secret" gift going??? I loved the sneak peek, cant wait to see it finished!!!

Hanne said...

Cute coasters :-)
I should make some, for gifts, but I am procrastinating big time and stick to stitching instead. Oh well - some other day perhaps ;-)