Sunday, 9 September 2007

A gift of goodies and 4SQS teaser

It’s hard to believe it has been more than a week since my last post! The time that has passed has been busy, unfortunately not with any crafty things (work, work, work!). And as time has flown unanswered messages has piled up in my inbox and the number of unread posts through Bloglines has increased to a number a fear to think of :o) So I want to say thank you all who have commented on my blog and left me messages, I read them all and truly appreciate you stopping by! And I will do my utmost to read the posts on your blogs, you all are such an inspiration to me!

Coming home from a four day seminar last night I found this in my mailbox:

It is from wonderful Guðrun in Reykjavík! Have you seen this post? She is so sweet to want to give me one of her beautiful little bags, and she sent me a gorgeous Icelandic pattern by Elín Guðjónsdóttir for table toppers with some adorable butterflies, a deck of cards with Norse gods on them (I love old Norse mythology!), and a pin with our flags on it :o) She is a true sweetheart, that lady!

I have gotten a note Margaret that my swap for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap is in the mail. OMG! Someone has been very fast! And I soo look forward to receiving it! I haven’t gotten all that much done on my project for the swap yet – I'm only this far:

Perhaps I’ll find some time to do some more sewing tonight???
Wishing everyone a great Sunday, sincerely
Anne Ida


Karol-Ann said...

You are very lucky indeed - lovely gifts in the mail! I like the look of your swap blocks, it will be interesting to see it come together, I hope you find some time :O)

Annelies said...

Lovely gifts and one of these days the blocks from the SBS swap will arrive !!

Bren said...

Gudrun is a sweetheart!! Love your goodies.
The maple leafs are beautiful!!!

gwen said...

Nice to hear from you. Work, what is that?! It is nice to come home to such cute presents! The blocks for your 4SQS look wonderful, curious to see more. Take care.

Rose said...

Hi sweetie,
great to have u back!! I love the Maple leaves for the 4SQS and Gudrun's fun mail is gorgeous. I went and checked out her blog and those bags r just divine...lucky u to get one!!
Hope work isnt as busy and u can get back to sewing!!
Hugs from me xxx

Rose Marie said...

Lovely gifts from a lovely lady! Will be checking back to see what you do with all those leaves.