Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Award and more mail

The very talented Suzie over at Littlebusybee have awarded me with this award for creative bloggers. I feel so honored and so special that she thought of me for this! Thank you so much, Suzie! There are so many wonderful bloggers out there I would love to pass the honor forward to, but this time it will go to a handful of some of the ladies whom I am fortunate to know/have met also outside of Blogland:

  • My dear friend Rose at Threadbare. She is such a talented and creative designer and I have been so fortunate to follow her adventure of Threadbare Creations.
  • The always enthusiastic, smiling and encouraging Hanne over at Hanne's Quilt Corner - she is so great at keeping us up to date on her projects, and she is so willing to share her projects; and not to forget she is still trying to tempt me to get in on her "block mania" -*lol*.
  • May Britt at Abyquilt - she always a new project on the go, how she manage I don't know! - and she is so sharing in her creativity always willing to offer advice and she is so quick to respond.
  • Nadine from Friendship Threads - this lady makes beautiful quilts, and she is so generous to leave encouraging comments.
  • May Kristin at Krisp-Quilt is another very talented lady. Her colour choices are sometimes a little bit out of my comfort zone, but her results are always beautiful! And seeing what she creates urges me to be a bit more daring.

Thank you all for being a creative influence in my life!


Carey over at Blueberry Lane Designs and I have had a bit of a swap. I sent her a copy of the frog block Leanne Beasley designed for my Butterfly Garden, and yesterday I found this in the mail from Carey:

The fabric is absolutely wonderful, and the little rusty bells will be fun to use for (perhaps) something Christmasy! And the beautiful card is one of Chookyblue's. Thank you so much Carey!!!


Elin asked me what I have been working on lately... Well, it's not much unfortunately! I have had visitors over from London for a long weekend, and things have been a bit busy as it usually is in May. So all I can share on the quilty front for now, is this:

Hope you all have a great and creative week!
Sincerely, Anne Ida


Guðrún said...

Those HST look great, blue and white is always so great together.

May Kristin said...

Wow! Thank you, Anne Ida!
I am realy honoured to receive this award from you, among the other very talented ladies! Thank you again!
Good to have you back! You have been missed!
Take care!

Karol-Ann said...

The blue and blocks look interesting... I'm intrigued as to what they will become...

Chookyblue...... said...

yes I love all those bloggers......and what a nice surprise to see one of my cards on the other side of the world..........sent by my friend........

May Britt said...

How nice of you to give me this award and thank you for the nice words about me.
wondering what you are going to make of all the blue and white now??? LOL

Suzie said...

Beatiful blues and white! Maybe an "ocean waves" quilt?!!I love blue, I have sewn 5 and I'm sure they are not the last ones!
It is nice to see that you passed the award foward! I hope some day I also have the chance to meet some bloggers like you did!

Nadine said...

THANK YOU so much, Anne Ida !
Now I really don't know whether I'm that creative, but your words are touching me and I'm feeling very honoured and encouraged :>)
I'll gratefully post on my next blogging...

(couldn't answer your email, as I'm having some problems with my Yahoo mailbox :>( )

Big (((hugs))) & smiles to you, my friend !


Darlene said...

A well deserved award! :-)

Teresa said...

What a cute card and I can just see it appearing in your stitchery.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Well the "this" you share is so pretty! Almost makes me want to do some. ;)

This was such a lovely post to read and I'm sure to visit your friends.

Enjoyable Read of Love, *karendianne.