Friday, 3 April 2009


Not much quilty news from me lately. I have pulled out my red and white SBS swap quilt again, and have quilted about three threads over the last week, but that's all.

I have finally gotten a rack to hang some of my quilts on!! Back in September I saw this post on May Kristin's blog. On Tuesday I had a dentist appointment, and since I had some of the day off, my Mum and I went to IKEA and picked up this (towel) rack:

(Ok, they were on sale, so I got two, but have only assembled one). So now, rather than having my quilts folded up in a closet they can hang on display in the living room - happy me!

Have a wonderful and creative weekend!
Hugs and stitches from
Anne Ida


Janet said...

The quilt rack is great, I like how you can see parts of all the quilts. You have such lovely quilts, you don't want to hide them.

floribunda said...

I just looked at Ikea's online catalog and couldn't find anything that looks like your towel rack. Do you know what the "name" of it is? I'd love to find one!

Rose said...

They look great sweetie, much better than folded up in the cupboard!!
Big hugs xxx

Mary-Kay C. said...

If that's the rack I'm thinking of, please be careful. I think the finish is some kind of oil rub and you should protect your beautiful quilts. I covered each rung with a piece of canvas because it left a faint brown mark on some towels that I hung on it. I love your blog.

Guðrún said...

This is great.

Anonymous said...

It's so much more fun to see our quilts hanging on racks than unseen while they are in drawers. I have a rack right here in the family room plus the two quilt ladders and I enjoy seeing the quilts displayed.

Nadine said...

Beautiful, indeed ! Will have to pay a visit to that "Swedish Uncle", one of these days... ;>)


jofridsquilt said...

Denne var smart. Skal ta ein tur innom IKEA neste gang eg er forbi. Takk for tipset. Helsing Jofrid.

Anne Heidi said...

Å så lurt! Takk for ideen :) Quiltene dine er nydelige der de henger. God påske!

Annelies said...

This is funny. Quilters in The Netherlands are also talking about the very handy towel rack from Ikea !

Gudveig HN said...

Det var smart! Fint å få vist frem litt av de flotte teppene dine - det er jo for galt å gjemme bort!
Jeg var på Ikea i går, og så faktisk slike stativ! Men jeg var mest opptatt av å få tak i SKAP til mine stoffer, så her blir stoffene flyttet inn i Billy-skap med glassdører ila helgen :-)
God Påske!

Solstitches said...

Whatever would we do without Ikea!
I think the towel rack is the perfect way to display your beautiful quilts.


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh man, so now I need to go to Ikea too!!!!

May Kristin said...

Your quilts look great on the rack!
I think it is clever, but the best of's cheap!!