Saturday, 10 October 2009

This and that - a long post

Internet has been out/unstable over the last week, and I haven't been able to upload anything to this blog (grrrr!!!), or to reply to any of your comment - please bare with me. Anyway, here you have everything I had planned to share since my last post in a loooong one (I'll try keeping it short).

I promised to share what Lise and I were working on last week and this is it:

If you are a follower of May Britt's blog, you might have seen a picture of it already :o) We had lots of fun playing with blocks from all over blogland (and from some no-bloggers):

We pieced the top, then Merete did some wonderful long-arm quilting, and Lise finished the binding on Friday night.
When Butterfly visited a couple of weeks ago we had a little peek into my WISP cupboard:

And inspired by our talk I started piecing some blocks I cut well over a year ago in a frenzy of clearing out some flannels:

Back then I got to the cutting stage, but no further. I still have 10 more blocks cut ready to piece. I have a lot of flannel to finish it, but it's only smaller cuts, though, so it will come out scrappy. Hopefully I'll get back to them soon!
Remember I had a bit of a cutting session of Dear Jane blocks? I have done some piecing in the evenings, and my tally is now 37 blocks!!!

I have also done a bit more cutting, so I now have something to pick up when I have some time to relax in front of the tv, or take along when poping out to quilt guild meeting, visiting the parents or so on :o)
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and stitches from
Anne Ida


Satu said...

Hej Anne Ida,
Your present quilt to May Britt was gorgeous. I love those pastel leaves. And those flannel stars are so so beautiful too!!!

Butterfly said...

Hi :o)

So you've started on the WISPs, good for you :o) I'm on my way with the quilt we talked about. If I manage to make some more blocks tomorrow I might post them as well :o)

Time tends to fly away these days, wonder why - Can't keep up. Maby I'm getting old ;-D

Sees you soon!!

HUGS :o)

Nadine said...

LOVELY works, as usual, dear Anne Ida ! ;>)
(your posts are never too long, I always enjoy them).
You really did a wonderful job all together with that beautiful quilt for May Britt. (Had I known about this project, I 'd have heartfully made a block, too).

have a nice weekend, dear !

Anonymous said...

After doing Sylvia's Bridal Sampler here you are doing a Jane Stickle quilt. You do like challenges! After making perhaps 10 DJ blocks I gave up the idea. These days I go for simple, easy, mostly.

Guðrún said...

Your wisp are all in order. The stars are looking great.

Meggie said...

I do so admire your patience doing those small blocks! Love the bright flannel.