Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Shopping and sorting

I have been a bad girl and done some kind of heavy shopping. Some increadibly yummy Elm Creek Quilts fabrics by Red Rooster:

Aren't those browns just like a tasty bar of chocolate, and cream on the side? And the strips at the bottom are a dessert roll of Glacé fabrics from Moda.

I have also picked up a pile of patterns from Fig Tree quilts - all of which I some day want to make. The layout of these patterns is beautiful - each one is printed and stapled together like a little booklet:

The ones with the heading "Fresh Vintage" are actual booklets, there is the pattern for the quilt on the cover, and a few articles, some yummy recipes, som hints and tips. I have picked fabrics from my stash for a couple of these patterns, so when I have the time... sometime after New Year, perhaps :o)

My Tender Moments quilt is a work in very slow progress, but I have spent some time sorting through the patterns and the blocks I have already made:

They were all crammed together with the fabrics in the archive box (as you see it's stuffed enough with just the fabrics), but are now all in order in a binder, and hopefully it will help me keep track of my progress:

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable and creative week!
Hugs and stitches from
Anne Ida


gwen said...

The new fabrics really look like delicious chocolate, especially the fancy tasty ones the shops sell at Christmas with a lot of funny combinations like chili and raspberries!
I wish I were so organized, maybe some of my projects will finish earlier. Mind you stuffing yarn and wool in a binding is not that easy!
Take care.

Heather said...

OOOoohhh... I love your new fabric! Isn't buying fabric the funnest thing EVER?

I like the patterns from Fig tree as well, so many things to do.

The way your organized your quilt is a really good idea, then you don't have to pull everything out constantly to remember where you left off. Great job!

Butterfly said...

Her var det veldig MYE fint!!!
Likte stoffene ;O) Mønstrene så også spennende ut gitt!!!!

Har du mye tid til overs for tiden eller ;O) hahahahaha......Snakk om strukturert oppbevaring!! Er alvorlig imponert :O)

Ha en rikitg fin kveld og lykke til imorgen!!!!

klem fra Yvonne

Zannah said...

The Fig Tree patterns really are tempting, but I've promised myself 'no more shopping' until after Christmas....

The Elm Creek fabrics are SERIOUSLY tempting though!

Hmm - time to get writing a Christmas wish list, I think....

Trisha said...

You bought yourself some beautiful fabric and looks like some fun patterns. Your Tender Moments quilt is looking beauriful!

Guðrún said...

The new fabrics are lovely. The binder will make it much more inviting to do a block or two when everything is so organized.

Sølvi's blog said...

Ble frista sjøl jeg her fortige dagen av noen av de samme mønstrene. Hvor har du kjøpt dine fra?

Teresa said...

Not bad...just creative! Your tender moments quilt is going to be beautiful.