Saturday, 19 March 2011

Getting bolder

A few months ago I picked up this book for some inspiration on how to easier free motion machine quilt on a DSM - I really want to expand beyond stippling/meandering and stencil markings.

I haven't read it front to back, but I absolutely love how it breaks down easy-to-do shapes, and show how to mix and match them. Over the last few evenings I have been doing some experimenting, and I have to say I think I have taken that one step to become a bit bolder in my quilting. I have become more daring to quilt without a lot of marking - mostly some little blue dots to mark centers and make sure of even spacing, and a few lines using the Hera marker.

Before studying the drawings in the book - this would have required a template or tear-away paper - not a single marking!

Nope - just a plastic lid to mark the circle - the rest is done free hand. It is soooo far from perfect, but I really like it, because I see now that I can do it!

It's far from perfect, but I can definitely see I'm improving! I love my darning foot!!! *lol*
Happy quilting weekend!
Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida

(PS! This is not a whole cloth quilt - all the pictures are of the back - can't show the front yet)


Merete said...

Dette her var jo kjempefint, du har jo skikkelig draget på det! Likte boken, må se om jeg finner den på Amazon.
Ha en flott helg med mye frihåndsquilting :o)

Merete said...

Har du forresten sett på denne bloggen: Mange flotte mønstre og videoer.

Ethne said...

You really must check out Leah's blog - she's doing 365 free motion quilting styles and is currently in the mid 200's - plus she gives you lots of tips on how to do FMQ on a domestic sewing machine - blog address

Rose said...

Oh sweetie, they are looking so good!!!! This is going to be gorgeous!!! Well done on your progress so far!
Big hugs xxx

Ann Marie said...

Congrats, and practice makes perfect, so keep going, your doing a wonderful job, and go check out Leah's blog too, very informative!

Vickie said...

wow way to go..that is looking great..and if that's the back ..Ic an hardly wait to see the front,well done,cheers Vickie

Elaine Adair said...

Good for you. As it happens, I also just pulled that one down from my bookshelf - it has great ideas! Keep up good work.

Butterfly said...

Hei du!!

Dette er jo bare helt fantastisk!! Åh, nå ble jeg veldig inspirert :O) Du er råååflink :O)

hmmmmm - kanskje låne den boken din ern helg??

Ha en forsatt fin søndagskveld og ha en riktig fin uke!!

Stor kelm fra Yvonne

Oddbjørg said...

En Award venter på deg på bloggen min.