Saturday, 2 April 2011

Small finish and "Lappeskole"

Yvonne (Butterfly) had a birthday a little while back, and I wanted to make her something sweet and at the same time useful. A notebook always come in handy, and I had loads of fun stitching up some HSTs, some lace and some cute pink fabric

(pic lifted from Butterfly's blog - mine didn't come out well)
Sooooooo..... we call this a project finished, right? And now I can start something new? A couple of years ago Lappemakeriet had a BOM called "Svennebrevet" and for several reasons I was dead set on not doing it:
  • I enjoy to pick and chose my own fabrics to make the quilt "mine",
  • their BOMs tend to be popular so half the quilters in the country does them, and I have a problem with "doing what everyone else is doing",
  • I couldn't afford the BOM packages - even knowing they give you good value for your money the quilt ends up quite expencive.
  • I really wasn't inspired by the first shop model - when I first saw it I thought "oh, well.... nah!"

BUT... seeing more versions of the quilt stitched up, both at the shop and in blogland, it has definitely warmed on me... and now my fingers are itching to do my version. They are doing it as a patchwork/quilting school in a magazine these days, and my Mum subscribes, so I have the patterns easily at hand - she saved me the first two parts already.

Lesson 1 is all about squares and are simple beginners blocks.

Two challenges faced me doing the blocks - they are 9" finished which is a size I don't stitch very often - so my eyes don't spot mistakes unless I check with the ruler. And the patterns are done in centimeters, so I do have to put my math skills to work and convert them into inches. Next lesson is about triangles - stay tuned for more blocks :o)

Enjoy the weekend!
Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida


Danielle said...

I feel like a dumb American. It never occurred to me that European patterns would give directions in cm rather than inches. Come to think of it, it might be easier to work in cm than fractions of inches....

Skaperkompaniet said...
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Butterfly said...

Prøver igjen:

Heisann :O)

Så artig at du har begynt på den der :O) Jeg kopierte sidene fra jobben og tenkte kanskje jeg også skulle lage det :O) Da er vi to.

Veldig fornøyd med gaven fra deg !!!
Tuuuusen takk ♥

klem fra Yvonne

RETRO-fabulous said...

Your notebook is adorable!

I'm with you on choosing fabrics and making the quilt unique. Your 9" blocks are great.

Happy Stitching,

Merete said...

Med dine blåfarger blir 'Svennebrevet' kjempeflott! Jeg har en award til deg på bloggen min - kom og se :o) Merete