Sunday, 27 May 2007

Weekend progress

Happy day! I'm making progress on my SBS! I have stitched all the blocks had cut and placed on the table next to Bernie, pluss I have hand pieced the New York Beauty block (F5 - bottom row, second from the left).

Starting at the top left:
"The Friendship quilt" (K2) is originally a foundation paper piecing pattern. I'm not too fond of FPP, so I measured the pieces and cut them to size. I think it worked out well. The "Sawtooth Star" (J1) I have had half way ready for several months - but for some reason the pieces didn't fit together and I had more or less given up on it. Know what was wrong??? I had cut the centre square nearly an inch too small *lol* The "Blazing Star" (F9) was a night mare (not to discuorage anyone who wants to try) - I think I ripped all the seams at least once - I kept lining up the pieces wrong. But it's done - YEY!!! The "Providence" (M6) went together smoothly :o)

"Mexican Star" (I5) was also a block that just fell into place, even though the pieces are very different from what I'm used to. The same goes for "Dove in the Window" (H4). The "Tennessee" (A6) was one of the blocks I had really been dreading. The pattern calls for FPP of the stripes for the eight chevrons before the block is sewn together using Y-seams. I ended up sewing a long strip set, and cutting the chevrons from it, avoiding that paper ever came near my block. I did do some frog stitching, but I'm pleased with how well it really came together. The "Jack in the Pulpit" (E6) was also a FPP pattern, but like the K2 I measured the pieces instead.

That the "Crow's Foot" (B6) came together as smoothly as it did, is thanks to Rose. She did all the calculations and sent them to me; thank you! The F5 is also a block I had been dreading for some time, but surpise, surprise: It came together much better than I had feared. Like I said, I hand pieced it, and everything came together in just under two hours (which I think is pretty good for me!). The "Lady of the Lake" (C5) and "Wedding ring" (C2) are other FPP patterns measured and pieced regularely. The C5 is a little "wobbley", but I'm really pleased with the C2.

I will now take a short break from the SBS (if I can, that is *lol*) and see if I can't finish my swap blocks before the summer is really taking over my life and the deadline for sending them gets too close. But knowing I only have 26 blocks to go will keep my spirits up and hopefully make me work faster on other projects so that I can go back to finishing it sooooon! This is so much fun!

Take care!
Sincerely, Anne


Anonymous said...

Woaw, they look beautiful..only 26 more to go ? it will be very soon !

gwen said...

I like them all! I agree with you, whenever I can avoid PP I do. I think hand-sewing is soothing and so much faster than everybody thinks. If you go on like that you will be soon in need of another project! Take care.

meggie said...

Those blocks are looking so great!
I love the colours too.

Nadine said...

Anne, your SBS blocks are soooo beautiful ! This is going to be a GREAT quilt !
Congratulations !

Hugs & smiles !

Leigh said...

These blocks are looking fantastic. Can't wait to see the next row.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Yummy! Tracey

Rose said...

No no no no no.....u cant stop now, u got 26 to go!!!!! lol....maybe if we combine ur blocks and my blocks we ALMOST got a full up for sharing 6 months in Norway, 6 months in Australia lol......they r beautiful sweetie, u r soooooo close, cant wait to see the full quilt (yet u scaring me with some blocks lol)
take care and lots of hugs
Rose xxx

Connie said...

It's a beautiful quilt. I would like to take on this project but I have the Dear Jane to tackle first! It gives me another goal to reach for, however.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Keep at it - you'll get there in the end. I am slowly getting my Ciil War Diary blocks done.

Butterfly said...

Love the SBS blocks!! Don't have the guts to start on it myself... You must not stop now.....

Looking forward to read the latest Elm Creek novel: The quilter's homecoming. Got it in the mail today ;o)

Have a wonderful evening :o)

Diana said...

You are making such wonderful progress on these! They look great.

Linda said...

Beautiful blocks Anne, it took me some time to figure out what SBS was, then I clicked on the

jovaliquilts said...

Wow, I have not read the book and haven't seen the SBS quilt blocks before, but these are great! What an undertaking. It's going to be beautiful when you finish, a real heirloom.