Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Easing my guilty conscience

In May my parents had their 30th wedding anniversary. What is good daughter to do? Make them a quilt, of course! Well, I got started… and then everything just happened very differently then I had thought, and on their anniversary I only presented them with 10 blocks… I took the blocks back home with me and had plans of finishing the quilt in a matter of weeks. Those weeks turned into months… and while I was looking for some fabrics for a Christmas present last night, the blocks looked up accusingly up at me, saying: “Why haven’t you stitched us into a quilt?” Tonight I have done my best to do just that:

This is the "Sampler" in the to-do list in my sidebar. There is a theme in the block names - marriage, home and family. I had originally planed a different setting for the ten blocks, but I still haven’t figured out the measurements and how to cut the pieces for that setting, so in stead I made two more blocks (a Rosebud - my mom loves roses and had roses in her bridal bouquet, and a Sawtooth Star - my dad knows his way around a saw and he is a star ;o)) and decided on a straight setting 3 x 4 with cornerstones. Now the border remains – I’m thinking piano keys in the three focus colours (the fabric that looks a little brown is actually a shade of pink). Hopefully I can stitch those tomorrow and ad them to the centre. If I then can layer it and baste it on Friday (purchased batting and quilting thread yesterday) – do you think I can quilt it this weekend? – And then do the binding when the rest of the Christmas gifts are done?

Goal: Since I couldn’t finish the quilt for the date of their anniversary, I should at least finish it within the year of their anniversary!

Hope you are having a great week!
Sincerely, Anne Ida


Elin said...

Today I received your fabric, thank you very very much, you know exactly what I want and need!! I was so happy to see this sampler on your bed, since I've seen these blocks before!
I have still not posted your fabric for the exchange, but I've not forgotten you. I've been too busy this last week.

Nadine said...

YESS you can !
Here's the strategy :
prepare a nice casserole for the whole weekend (no meals to prepare) + tea and coffee, not to forget good music and some nice DVD's to watch, no phone calls, no visits. Just you and the quilt. Maybe you won't sleep.... but this labour of love can be done ! I'm with you !


Linda said...

I'm with don't sleep and you'll get it done. Very pretty.

shelley said...

I know you can do it Anne Ida!! Nadine has some very good suggestions. The blocks are very pretty. I like how you chose the ones that you included. I will send you good thoughts all weekend.

Rose said...

These blocks r so pretty sweetie!! I love ur idea of a piano key border!!! U WILL get this quilted over the weekend, ill email u every hour to make sure ur working on it lol
Your parents will love it!!!!
Hugs xxx

Suze said...

If you focus on that project you can get it finished. And such joy will be yours when it is done.

Rose Marie said...

You can do it .... you can do it. For a label, have you considered writing why you chose each block for your parents?

Gudveig HN said...

Very nice! I guess your parents will love that quilt!

Guðrún said...

Yes this year will do it, I am sure they will forget that they had to wait for it when they get it.

Wendy said...

You go girl...I know you can do it. Your parents will love the final quilt.

Valerie said...

What a sweet quilt it will be! Luckily, parents don't generally mind if these hand made treasures take their time in the making, I know they will cherish it all the same! :)