Sunday, 30 December 2007

Santa came

Look what Secret Santa, a.k.a. Sharon, sent me:

Isn't it just wonderful! I love the star Christmas runner - and she also included a cute tin with safety pins, some needles, a divinely smelling soap, a cute little stocking and a pattern for a gingerbread wall hanging. Thank you so much, Sharon! I love it!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Sincerely, Anne Ida


CONNIE W said...

Your SS gifts are lovely. Hasn't the SSCS been a fun thing this Christmas in blog land. I will treasure my gifts forever and it has been so fun to have met so many friends here this year. Wishes to you for a blessed and happy new year in 2008! cw

Sweet P said...

Your SS gifts are cute. Like Connie, I think this SSCS has been a blast.

Happy New Year!

Butterfly said...

You got some very lovely things!!! I agree with sweet p: SSCS has been a blast!!! Wish you a wonderful happy new year!!! See you soon!!! Hugs!

meggie said...

Lovely gifts.
Have a lovely New Year.
I wish you every success for the coming year 2008.

Wendy said...

The table runner is wonderful. It's been fun to see all the SS gifts everyone has received.

archi said...

I am guessing that most of you all must be European as "Secret Santa" is unheard of in North America, as far as I know. I could, of couse, be incorrect, as I left Canada approximativement 20 years ago. I have always considered it a British Christmas thingy-ma-bob. Certainly our children's schools and even universities do this sort of exchange, though, and always have. Do other parts of continental Europe engage in these exchanges? No idea! And, even though I don't have a "blog"-too pressured-would I please be permitted to participate in a quilting one in another year?

Bonne Annee a tous,


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