Monday, 17 December 2007

Weekend baking

This weekend was a bit of Christmas preparations. With four doughs for Christmas cookies that I had prepared during the week, I went to my parents house on Friday afternoon. I also brought them The Sampler - which ended up on their bed in a really short time *lol*. While my Mum and I went to a wonderful church concert on Friday night, my Dad and my sis baked up the Galettes that Nadine shared the recepie for - since we don't have a galette cooker they used a waffle iron, that's why they are "triangular" - they are yummy!!! Saturday my sister and I did some shopping and then some more baking; ginger bread and some sour cream bread. Sunday we continued with Goro and some Tyske skiver (German slices):

We also made the dough for some Kromkaker - which my mum made Sunday evening after I had packed down my camera.

Still lots of things to do... Yikes! Better get running :o)
Sincerely, Anne Ida

PS! My SSCS giftie from Sharon arrived on Friday! Thank you so much Sharon! Now tucked away with some other pressies at my parents house so I won't be tempted to open early :o)


Rose said...

Ohhhh yummmm!!!! Ill bring the coffee!!!! I knew ur parents would "love" the quilt!!!
Hugs xxx

Nadine said...

YooooHoooo ! You made them... and they're looking sooo yummy (even better than mine ! LOL). I'm so glad you like them !

Hugs & smiles,

Debi said...

All those goodies look so good, wish I had someone to bake for me, lol.

Guðrún said...

You parents must be lucky after this weekend, both getting the quilt and having you to help with the baking.

meggie said...

Those goodies all look so yummy!!

Valerie said...

WOW that's a lot of goodies! I'm hungry now... :)

Annelies said...

The cookies look yummie !!
These are busy times before Christmas !

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Merry Christmas Anne Ida!! Hope you enjoy your goodies.