Monday, 25 October 2010


Yes, I do know the name of this month's "Le Petite..." project is "Paganini", but...

On the one hand:

  1. I really want to try to make all the little projects Sherri and Sinta has picked for this year
  2. I really loved "Paganini" from the moment I saw a picture on Carrie's blog.
  3. I had fabric more or less all picked from my stash.

On the other hand:

  1. I really don't have much time for another project at the moment,
  2. The fabrics I had picked didn't really inspire me once I sat down to cut them up,
  3. I don't know what to do with the quilt once it's finished (bad argument since I have made so many quilts without having a purpose for them, but sometimes it is a block in the creative process)
  4. I'm running low on batting and I can't prioritize batting shopping at the moment...

Get the picture? Everything negative started piling up in my head! Then I gave it one more thought... what if I dug into my scrap box for some little pieces, and used them as leaders/enders while working on other projects? If it didn't work out, I could always save the pieces for some other scrap project. At the moment we have:

Cute, aren't they? *lol* My blocks are made from 2.5" scrap squares, and 1.25" light squares so my quilt will be about the quarter size of the original - hence the name "Paganimini" *lol* I have high hopes of having the at least the top together by deadline - perhaps even quilted and bound?
Happy quilting!
Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida


shelley said...

Those blocks are so tiny Anne Ida!! I love them already. I wish you luck in getting them all together by your deadline!

Suzie said...

I like it! I like it! Minis are always so darling! And you found a funny name for your project, too!

Rhonda said...

Okay, I'm loving the looks of this one, too. Those blocks are too cute and tiny.....which I love as well.

Susan said...

Oh they are so cute. What a great idea to use them as Leader/Enders...

Now you can work on your Paganimini and enjoy something else too.