Monday, 3 March 2008

Beautiful Tassie - part one

On the Monday, Rose took me driving to see some of Tamar Valley. I want to share some of the pictures I took of this beautiful area - so sit back and enjoy as this post will be little text and lots of pics:-)

View from Brady's lookout point - gorgeous!

Grindelwald - swiss shopping village - a strange sight in Tassie, but fun to visit:

From there we went to Launceston Lakes, Tassie's largest wildlife park:

The koala wasn't too co-operative:

...but the kangaroo was :o)

This little guy shared the pen with the 'roos, and scared "my friend" to skip! :o)

And of course "Devil's Heaven" has lots of Tassie Devils - these were the most co-operative when it came to taking pictures:

A gorgeous black cockatoo:

A sleepy wombat:


Back later with more pictures :o)
Take care, sincerely Anne Ida

(sorry about the strange spacings - Blogger won't work with me today)


Rose said...

It makes you appreciate where you live when you see it through someone elses eyes!!!! I bet that Koala hasnt moved since we were there lol
I forgot to ask you, how did the Vegemite tasting go with your family and friends???? lol
Hugs xxx

Rose Marie said...

Great photos ..... looks like you had one heck of a vacation!

Vicki W said...

Terrific photos!

Wendy said...

Great pictures...thanks for taking me on your tour.

May Kristin said...

I just love to take part in your trip through your pics! Thank you for sharing!

Gudveig HN said...

Takk for titten - mye fine bilder her! Ser ut som du har hatt det fint...

Nadine said...

THANKS for sharing these beautiful pictures, Anne Ida ! So special, and unusual to us. What a terrific album of souvenirs....

(and thanks for your kind comment on my blog :>)

A big ((hug)) and smiles to you, my friend !

meggie said...

You had a wonderful time it seems. All the different animals, & all the lovely ladies & their talents to be shared.
Thankyou for sharing them all with us.

Guðrún said...

Lovely pictures, many beautiful places you visited.

The Chicken Lady said...

How fun and cool. Great views and love the animals! :)

Christine said...

Love the Tamar Valley - thanks for sharing your pictures.

Catherine said...

What fabulous pictures! Thank you for sharing them.