Thursday, 6 March 2008

Beautiful Tassie - part two

I thought I'd share some pictures of the last couple of days I spent in Tassie as well. On the Tuesday Rose and Les took me driving to Ulverstone - a lovely city on the north coast. We found some time to walk on this beautiful beach - no swimming temperature, but great to get our feet wet:

The day after, Rose and I walked up the Cataract Gorge. A beautiful area and a lovely walk!

We had lunch at the restaurant up there - and they have peacocks walking around on the terrace, snatching food from the visitors.

My friend K is an avid book crosser, and I had brought a book for her to drop off somewhere in Launceston. The book being Wuthering Heights, what better place to drop it than the Gorge?

The book was picked up while we were there, but so far no one has reported it as found. Rose also got me onto the chairlift - Boy was I worried when I saw those chairs hanging on just a wire! But I did it!!!!

We also dropped by the Penny Royal Gunpowder Mill

and the Gourlay's sweetshop and -factory. This guy is making some coconut sweets.

The day after I said goodbye (for now!) to the family, and Rose drove me to the airport :( Thank you so much for a wonderful holliday, sweetie! We'll meet again soon, I hope!

I've had some questions about shopping *lol* - I'll post about my shopping experiences tomorrow. Till then, take care!
Sincerely, Anne Ida


Laila said...

I still think you must have had just a wonderful trip. ;-) And Coconuts sweets.... OH That must be great...Love to see all your buyings too....

Teresa said...

Magnificant pictures..thank you for shareing your vacation with us!

atet said...

What truly beautiful places you were able to visit! I can't wait to see all of the shopping goodies as well :0).

Nadine said...

Oh, these pictures are soooo beautiful ! I had a good dream session, while looking at them. THANKS, dear !
No doubt you'll cherish these moments for long :>)


Guðrún said...

Beautiful pictures.

The Chicken Lady said...

What fun. I love the peacock. Things are so green and lovely. We're still covered with snow here.