Saturday, 29 March 2008

Some stitching

I have been having some problems with my wrist the last week. My Mum and I had a bit of an embroidery session last Sunday. This is what I was working on:

It is Rose’s Spice of Life wall hanging from Australian Homespun! I fell in love with this design when she showed a sneak peek last year, and I was so eager to get it finished that I think I must have overdone it slightly. But I managed to finish the larger part of the stitchery yesterday, and I have been stitching on the smaller one today. I’ll keep you posted on my progress :o)

But since my arm has been acting up a bit, and the possibilities for cutting and hand sewing has been limited, I have been working on something I really should have finished a long time ago and was cut way back:

Some of you know what this is – for those who don’t, I’ll let you know soon… I still have some ways to go...

Hope you are having a great stitching weekend!
Sincerely, Anne Ida


Annelies said...

Hi Anne Ida,

I love your stitchery. I cann't understand the words on the bottles, but that doesn't matter.
Split LeMoyne stars and colours that I have seen before. I think that I know enough.

Vicki W said...

Your stitcher is very nice! I'm sorry that you are forced to take a break. I hope it's better soon!

May Kristin said...

Hope your arm is getting better soon! Look forward to see more of your stitchery and your blocks! Take care!
Ps! Also look forward to see you next week-end!

Rose said...

Great job with the stitchery sweetie!! Love seeing the lettering in Norwegian!!
Just be patient with that arm and you'll be back to fell speed in no time!!
Hugs xxx

ELIN - "The quilt maiden" said...

Gosh I like that stichery! And I DO KNOW what you are working on...I have a great weekend with Hanne here at Nordfjordeid. Hope you'll recover soon!

Nadine said...

Your stitchery is soo cute, dear, and definitely a must-do for my soon-to-come new kitchen. Rose is a great designer, and you are a great stitcher... it's a winning team ! :>)

OMG, what are these split lEMOYNE STARS GOING TO BE ??? Can't wait knowing (Lemoyne Stars have a special meaning to me).

THANKS also for your sweet comment on my blog, my friend.


Inger Lise said...

This is exiting. Looking forward for the results. Nice sticherty to

Butterfly said...

keeping busy I see :o)

Have a great week!!

Teresa said...

Your stitchery is so pretty - but what does it say? I took a close up look at your LeMoyne Stars and your work is excellent. So pray tell - how did you get those Y seams to come out so perfect? Great fabrics too - can you tell, I really really like these blocks!

Gudveig HN said...

Nydelige blokker! 8-blad rose?

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Sorry to hear about the wrist but the stitchery is lovely.
I really enjoyed the pickled cabbage, great name.
can't wait to see what the new piecing turns into, Tracey

Guðrún said...

How is your arm?

The Chicken Lady said...

Cute Stitchery. The blocks are great. Can't wait to see what they're going to make! :)