Wednesday 31 January 2007

Found the fabric!

Well, I've been through my stash, and have found the fabric I'm gonna use for the siggy swap. I think it will look rather nice as a combination.

I've started cutting, but seeing as I don't have a sewing room and my work station in the bedroom really looks like a mess, I have to work on the living room floor, wich is not the easiest... But I am planning to try to finnish up sewing my blocks for the swap this weekend (and take time to do the finnishing touches next week. But right now there is snooker on the telly, and I just have to see if Holt makes O'Sullivan go out of Malta cup: Holt is leading 4-2...

Tuesday 30 January 2007

New blog

This is my first posting, and I'm sort of wondering what to write, I'm not even sure anyone is going to read this...

The plan of this afternoon was - besides getting my brand new lap top connected to the internett - to start stitching the binding to my star-barn-raising-quilt, and go through my stash to find fabric for Cynthia's siggy swap. But when I got home I found a book parcel in the mail box: three lovely new quilting books - and I'm lost in the beautiful pictures and ideas for new projects are swirling around in my head.

But I have promised my friend that I'm to finnish at least one UFO before I'm allowed to start a new project, and I have not finnished a UFO in a long time. So the star-barn-raising-quilt will be the no.1 priority, and a baby quilt I have promised my BF to finnish for her is the priority no.2. I'll post a picture of both of them as soon as I get my camera connected to the computer.