Wednesday 25 June 2008

Non-quilty sewing

A couple of friends are expecting a daughter in about two and a half weeks. Tradition in the family is that the baby is to sleep in a basket. But Mum wasn’t too pleased with the cover on it – a faded purple and pink strawberry print. So she asked me if I could make something else… preferably white. This is what I came up with:

I think it turned out really pretty – and I had fun making it! I did get a confirmation that I’m a quilter, not a seamstress, though ;o)

Happy sewing!
Sincerely, Anne Ida

Tuesday 24 June 2008

Then there were three

Remember my feathered star? I have found that I really enjoy making the block, and now the total tally is three:

Hopefully I'll have 12 of these blocks for a quilt someday (I have a plan, but not a sewing schedule *lol*). They are time consuming, one block takes me aproximately two efficient evenings to make. But they are ohhhh so fun, and I think they are really pretty!

I also want to say thank you to everyone who sent your best wishes on my previous post! I have tried to respond to all the comments, but there still are a few registered with noreply-comment...

Happy quilting!
Sincerely, Anne Ida

Wednesday 18 June 2008

The BIG news I promised...

Thank you so much to everyone who left a comment on my sick quilt! Sorry I haven't gotten around to replying to all your sweet messages yet! And I'm happy to report that I am feeling better :o)

At the end of yesterday's post I said I have some news to share... and to me this is huge news!!! If you have been reading Jennifer Chiaverini's Sylvia's Bridal Sampler website, you have probably seen that next spring this book will be published:

A little while back Jennifer asked for pictures of completed quilts and quilt tops made from her SBS pattern - and I sent her a picture of my quilt. Last week I got an e-mail asking me to send the quilt to C&T Publishing to be photographed!!!! Packing it up last Thursday to send it to California was a nerve wrecking experience (thank you Hanne and Rose for your support!), and I'll probably feel the nerves twitch every now and then until it is safely back home ;o) Fingers crossed all will go well!

I love this quilt so much! I fell for it the moment I entered the website the first time! The world of Elm Creek, and the SBS community has brought me so much pleasure since I first discovered it in the summer 2006. And now, to have a chance to be part of this book!!! I'm thrilled, I'm nervous, and I'm honored beyond words!

Sincerely, Anne Ida

Uppdate: I received a message today letting me know the quilt have arrived the publisher - puh!!

Tuesday 17 June 2008

"Sick Quilt"

"At the top of a fresh page, Sylvia started to write 'Sick Quilt' before she caught herself and wrote 'Ocean Waves.' Better to call it by its traditional title, since no one else would be able to identify her mother's blue-and-white quilt with the nickname Sylvia and Claudia had given it. Sylvia was not sure how the family custom had developed, but whenever children in the family fell ill, Mother would take out the Ocean Waves quilt from the cedar chest and allow them to use it on their beds until they felt better. In hindsight, Sylvia assumed the privilege of using the special quilt was supposed to boost the sick child’s spirits and thereby hasten recovery, but she recalled that when she was particularly queasy, the arrangement of blue and white triangles resembled and ocean’s undulating surface enough to make her feel worse rather than better."
(Jennifer Chiaverini, 2003: The Quilter's Legacy)

How appropriate!!! On Sunday I quilted my Ocean Waves quilt – made from Jennifer’s pattern “Eleanor’s Ocean Waves” (UPDATE: The quilting is done by machine). I felt a bit queasy and shakey all day, but thought it was a caffeine over-dose (I had a bit more coffee than usual for breakfast) so I kept on pushing myself to finish the quilting. But as I was quilting the border I noticed I had a fever, and a head-ache that had been steadily progressing… Not saying the quilt was what made me feel worse *lol*

Over the last couple of days I have managed to move myself between the bed and the sofa – drinking heaps of tea and the odd dose of Lemsip - dragging the Ocean Waves with me – snuggling under it when I needed to rest, stitching a tiny bit of the binding down when I felt well enough to keep my hands occupied. And a little goes a long way – the quilt is now finished!!! This is how it turned out:

Exept for the backing (see first pic) everything is from my scrap box and stash – including the batting, which is pieced from larger leftover pieces. And I’m so happy with it! I think it will be a favourite, not only to be used when sick ;o) Now I just need to shake of this flu (or whatever it is...)!!!

I have some more news to share, but that will have to wait for now…
Happy quilting!
Sincerely, Anne Ida

Wednesday 11 June 2008

Feathered star

I have wanted to try making a Feathered star block for a really long time, but I have been a bit scared by all the little pieces and matches. But last night I mustered up some courage and cut the pieces for a block, started piecing it, and after some time with Bernie tonight this is what we ended up with:

It's a 12" block, consisting of 129 pieces, and the HST units finish at 3/4" :o) It's not perfect, but I'm happy with my first attempt! I have an idea for what I want to do with it, but I'm afraid it will take time...

Hope you have a great quilting week!
Sincerely, Anne Ida

Thursday 5 June 2008

Small things

Wish I could have shown some progress on my Ocean Waves quilt, but I'm still waiting for the backing fabric... Anyway, the summer and the heat in the city has sort of scared me away from the sewing machine (and especially the iron!) - not complaining that summer is finally here, but it's just so warm... over the last week I have only managed some small things:

Finishing a stitchery for one of the Butterfly Garden blocks, and a DJ block (not many pieces in this one *lol*). Tally is now DJ - 18 and BG - 17; slow progress is better than no progress, right?

I have also managed to get the binding on a couple of the mini quilts :o) This is how they turned out - pretty cute:

Hope everyone is having a great week!
Sincerely, Anne Ida

PS! Claire over at Quiltygal has a giveaway - Sunday is last chance to enter :o)