Sunday 12 May 2013

A weekend of pottering around the flat

My weekend has been some working, some tidying and spring cleaning and some time spent with my sewing machine. The star top is taking shape:

I have started another round outside of what is in this picture to finish off the chains, the pieces are keeping Bernie company.

Not sure if I'll make a border on the outside of that or if this is ready to be layered as is and just let the binding finish it off...


I really wanted something yummy for supper today, so this is what I ended up making:

The crust is made with mostly cottage cheese rather than lots of butter (works very well!) and som bran and sesame seeds in addition to the flour. The filling is loads and loads of onions, one whole cauliflower, two small saussages, even more cottage cheese (+ some cheddar for flavor), eggs and some fresh herbs. Loads left over to bring to work for lunch this week:-)

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida

Wednesday 1 May 2013

More stars

After making my previous post I couldn't resist digging into the goodie bag I brought home from Lapp-Elisa. The roll of yummy greys on top of the bag called out to me along with the lovely 0.5 meter cuts of Rosie's Love Letter fabrics.

Since I don't have a proper plan for the repro stars (other than making more of them in a few more sizes) and I knew more or less what I wanted to do with these fabrics the minute I spoted them in the shop I decided to start cutting and piecing. The roll of greys were cut at 2.5" which is perfect for the 9" star. Over the weekend I only got a couple of stars together:

But being home from work today enabled me and Bernie to play and I guess the picture speaks for itself regarding my plans ahead:

It's a classic setting, and it's turning out exactliy how I want it. Of course my little four legged friend had to come out and "help" me with the blocks:

He is such a cutie, but he has a bit of a morbid curiosity towards the rotary cutter, and I get really worried when he is moving around out of my contoll.

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida and Anton