Wednesday 30 September 2009

Visiting Lise

At the moment I'm visiting Lise - and we have spent most of the day sewing in her large new sewing room (jealous!!! ). What we have been working on is not yet ready to be shown to the publig, but here is a small sneak peek:

I promise to share more soon ;o)

And she has gotten the long arm up and (almost) running. We had a bit of experimenting on a test piece - here she is in action.

Having a wonderful time!
Hugs and stitches from
Anne Ida

Sunday 27 September 2009

Late night sewing

For well over a year there have been road work outside my flat - these days they are doing the finishing touches, which means night work. They have not been too much of a bother for me, except for the last couple of nights. Coming home from the cinema last night there was a lot of noice, and not much chance of sleep, and I figured why not get some work done on my Sister's Choice quilt - border sewing galore till way into the night:

It still needs a good press, but aside from that it's ready to be layered and quilted - yey!!!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!
Hugs and stitches from
Anne Ida

Saturday 26 September 2009

DJ prep'ing

Not much time and energy for quilting these days, but I do have one new DJ block to share:

And I took a bit of time this morning to prep eight more DJ blocks, so I have something ready when I do have a few minutes to sit with a needle:

As you might remember I have a goal of doing the whole DJ by hand - it is a SLOW process! My initial deadline was 2020, not so sure I will be able to meet it ;o) My tally at the moment is 27 blocks, 301 pieces, so there is a long way to go.

Wishing everyone a good and creative weekend!
Hugs and stitches from
Anne Ida
PS! Pat over at Silver Thimble Talk is celebrating her 150th post with a fab giveaway!

Thursday 17 September 2009

Slow progress

It has been a few busy weeks, and I haven't had time to sew as much as I would have liked. But at least I can show a little progress on my Sister's Choice quilt:

The JR gave me 16 blocks that finish at 10" (I could probably have gotten a few more, but the contrast wouldn't be as good, better to use those strips in the border) - that does not add up to a very large quilt, so I have used some of the extra yardage I had for lattice, and some of the leftover squares from the block centers for cornerstones. I do have some ideas for borders, just need to find the time to execute them :o)

Take care and be creative!
Hugs and stitches from
Anne Ida

Sunday 6 September 2009


I have (finally?) put my rotary cutter to my oldest jelly roll - Canoe Country by Holly Taylor.

Honestly, it kind of felt like sacrilege! This JR has been part of my stash for such a long time, and I have thought long and hard about what I want to do with it, and not come up with a good answer... So an evening last week I figured why not make some Sister's Choice blocks - I have been looking at this quilt on Quiltville for a long time, loving it! This is how far I have gotten:

They are coming together smoothly, and it looks kind of cute so far :o)

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and stitches from
Anne Ida