Saturday, 19 July 2014

Gothenburg Röhsska Museum

Wednesday we visited Gothenburg Röhsska Museum for Design, Fashion and Decorative Arts. Anything is covered by this description as I discovered when I found a sign over the bathroom radiator


The ceiling of the museum shop

From the collection of early modern times

Tapestry Running water from 1906 by Swedish artist Gustaf Fjæstad - cotton, wool, and silk.

 Wool drapery Wild Roses from ca. 1900 by Norwegian artist Frida Hansen

The Le Courbusier kitchen

From one of their many display cases

Relief Saigon Fell this Morning from 1975 by Swedish artist Lillemor Peterson

 Falk Simon's donation - a lot of historical silver objects. Quite impressive

 From the exhibition Family Outlet by Zandra Ahl

A strange exhibition was the From the Coolest Corner - contemporary nordic jewlery. Some items were quite nice - others really challenged my concept of jewlery. Here are three that I actually like.

Broche Grandma sings the blues from 2011-12 by Norwegian designer Elise Hatlø

 Necklace Prelude from 2012 by Norwegian designer Anne Léger

Necklace Garland  from 2010 by Finish designer Aino Favén - this is made from used plastic bags/polyester cloth

In the museum shop a surprise exhibit of two mosaics from the throne room of Nebukadnesar II's (y. 604-563 B.C.) - the lion and the dragon

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida

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