Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Of course we had to visit the science centre Universeum. It's got animals, experiments and challenges for all ages. The aquariums are some of the largest in Europe and they also have an indoor rainforest. Here's a few glipses of their very varied exhibition starting with the dinosaur outside the entrance with the ferris wheel of the amusement park Liseberg in the background

The exhibition The water's way through Sweden - a lot of variety, and quite the collection of plant life, fish, crustations, rodents, birds and more

The cutest little critter - Northern Red-Backed Vole

The indoor rain forrest had lots and lots of colorful birds

On the roof they have a dinosaur exhibition

And while up there to check out the dinosaurs you could enjoy the view of the suroundings

The exhibition "The brain" consists of lots of little glass booths, each with a brain teaser or a puzzle. I was so caught up in solving the puzzles I completely forgot to use my camera *lol*

 The exhibition Puls we figured was mostly for families with kids. Lots of little tasks to do and games to play

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida

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