Thursday 14 September 2017

Rød Snø

Why call a blog post red snow? What is red Snow?

  1. a natural phenomenon caused by the algae Chlamydomonas nivalis turning mountain snow red at certain temperatures. 
  2. an annual festival in Rana, in the northern part of Norway.
  3. a TV thriller series from 1985 set at a small inn at the border between Norway and Sweden during WW2. People getting killed, bodies disappearing, and I still remember having nightmares about the ventriloquist's dummy made up to look like Hitler. It was truly a scary and thrilling piece of television (especially for a 8yo! However I have watched it again, and it still makes shiver go down my spine).
  4. My table topper that came about as the result of  Rose at Threadbare Creations' seven day mystery

The final clue of  was revealed on Sunday - and guess what? It's a snowflake :-) And since I chose to do this mystery in reds and cream, my table topper ended up as red snow.

This mystery was heaps of fun to do! Just the right amount of work for each section, short enough to keep me going and interested till the end, and I ended up with a pretty table topper 

The design reminds me of old knitting patterns (sweaters and mittens) done in two colour ways - often in red/nature combo - so I'm very happy with my colour choice, as well as the end result.

I had a bit of fun playing with my darning foot - doing lines and swirls.

Just finished stitching down the binding tonight, and now I have a table topper for the winter/Christmas season.

Linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday over at My Quilt Infatuation.

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida


Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Look at you! Already done with the quilt! Love the swirls - it looks like the wind blowing. Your quilt is beautiful and you've picked a great name for it. I don't remember the show, but will have to look into it.

Chookyblue...... said...

That's a lovely topper....

Rose Johnston said...

Its gorgeous hun. Its the second red one ive seen and they both look stunning. So glad you had fun with it 😊 im stealing one of your pics to share on a blog post later, if thats ok 😊💕😚

chrisknits said...

I love your version! I also did mine in red, but that's OK, I love it anyway. Now to use it to learn FMQ!! I just need to sit down and do it already. Got the foot, watched videos, have no courage!! LOL

Anonymous said...

wow Anne Ida this is beautiful and looks fantastic on your table,well done my friend xx