Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A resolution and some progress

Rose and I have both been feeling a bit guilty for starting new projects while there are piles of WISPs and UFOs that should have been finished, but for this year we have promised each other that we will make what we love! The UFO's aren't going anywhere (some of them might be finished), but we have solemnly promised we won't add anymore UFO's to the list. 2009 is all about finishing whatever we want to start!!! This shows our resolution for the year:

Feel free to join us in not feeling guilty - all you have to do is promise to finish what you start :o) And what is my first new project - that I won't feel guilty about and won't become a UFO? The Sugar Camp quilt of course! Suzie expressed a wish for me to show some blocks as I finished them, and of course I'm happy to obey! These are the first finished blocks of a total 36 mountain blocks and 5 landmark blocks:

I love the look of this so far! The next circle of mountains will be blue, and then there will be another brown circle before the border. I have wanted to make this quilt for so long, and I think this will be a favorite :o) It is going to be aprox 84" square, so it's quite a large quilt, and will take some time to put together.

Hugs and stitches from
Anne Ida

PS! Sigrun has a guessing game on her blog in the honor of her almost 150 posts; guess how many rulers she have :o)


Leisha Camden said...

Very nice! :-)

May Britt said... your quilt. And I so love your badge. See you on friday.

May Kristin said...

Love your motto!
And your quilt in progress!

Rose said...

Oh you're so clever!!! Love the Sugar Camp quilt so far, its wonderful! And how great to see our resolution in a badge......2009 is going to be a great year!!
Big hugs xxx

Sigrun said...

Denne hadde jeg sansen for. Gjør ferdig det du starter på. Kjempesmart.
Jeg har ufo år iår, skal prøve å få unna mesteparten av det jeg har liggende.
Har akkurat kjøpt meg boka med denne quilten du har starta på i. Masse lekkert i den.

Melody said...

Words to live by. Nice blocks.

Guðrún said...

This is going to be gorgeous, I love it so far. I think this will be the year of the finishes.

Anonymous said...

I started two new ones also after just posting about all my UFOs and WIPs. I couldn't help myself ;D

Erica said...

Wonderful resolution Anne! I am sure that oyu will achieve what you set out to do! BTW I just adore your Sugar Camp Quilt it is going to be magnificent!!!
Enjoy your day!
Cheers Erica.

Pablo said...

Hei Anne Ida. Måtte bare sende deg denne! :-) Godt nytt år. Hilsen Pablo.

Anne Ida said...

Hei, Pablo! Godt nytt år til deg også! Takk for linken! Så kult! Utrolig hva det går an å snekre sammen av stoff - noe av det som er så gøy med denne hobbyen :o)

Anne Heidi said...

Oh what a wonderful resolution! I love it! Your quilt looks awesome, can't wait to see the progress.

Annelies said...

A very good resolution !
I love your quilt blocks !

Teresa said...

Very very very pretty - I can easily see why that is making up to be a favorite quilt.

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Oh you are so sweet you posting about the web ring!!!

I just love your quilt, it's going to be amazing - like everything you do!!!

Shasta said...

I just love your badge - I've added it to my blog as well, it certainly does look official! I love your delectable mountain quilt. Lovely.