Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ready for binding

Wooho! The red and white sampler is ready for binding!! I have been quilting on it for most of the weekend - my shoulders and neck letting me know I went a bit overboard. And looking at it, I think I went a little nuts *lol*

I had originally thought only to stipple the white and do something simple in the border, but some of the red areas in the blocks were so big, I felt they needed some quilting as well. And since this is a sampler, I figured: why not do some sample quilting? Ehhh... so this is where I went a bit overboard - doing a small feather circle, two loopy leaves, three small linked hearts, some feathered hearts, a border stencil and some X's in the blocks + two different stencils in the borders - one linked hearts for the long sides and one cable stencil for the short sides:

And since I was on a roll of trying new "quilty" things, I also tested a Quilting Made Easy block:

It really was easy to do the motif, but I'm not sure how much fun I think it is to pick out the paper after it's done.

The overall look of the quilt is a little "messy", but I enjoyed myself immensely on this, and it will be a fun quilt to look at in the future.

I had a break from the quilting last night. Along with some friends and about 7000 locals I enjoyed the outdoors big screen live broadcast of the premiere of Carmen at the Opera. We sat on the Opera house roof, enjoying the perfomance going on inside; the gorgeous music, fresh air, and the sun setting over the harbour. A night to remember!

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend!
Hugs and stitches from
Anne Ida


Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt and qilting! Looks like you've had a fun and productive weekend!!

Butterfly said...

Hi Anne Ida

This looks awesome, turned out beautiful :o) Great work!!!

See that ther was quite a turnout for the opening-night of Carmen on the roof of our opra :o) Must have been so great to bee there!!

See you soon!!

Hugs, Yvonne

Mary-Kay C. said...

I still love the red and white quilt. And if you think it's messy, I like messy. It's beautiful. That must be some opera to have a crowd like that. Thank God it didn't rain.

Annelies said...

I like your red aand white quilt very much !!
You should have been to our Sylvia's Bridal Day in The Netherlands. There even came a lady froom Norway to visit us. We had such a good time.

Blåbærtua said...

Du verden så flott. Jeg kan godt forstå at du har koset deg med quiltingen og at det må kjennes godt i både nakke og skuldre.

Anne Heidi said...

The quilt is beautiful! You put a lot of work into it, now you'll have to rest those shoulders for a day or two :) Looks like fun on the Opera roof, we saw it on the news last night. Did you manage to stay warm?

Vicki W said...

The quit turned out terrific!

Janet said...

you did a great job with the quilting, the effect is wonderful, not messy. It looks cold at the opera.

mreteveian said...

Nydelig! Jeg likte godt at du testet ut like quiltemønstre på et teppe som består av ulike blokker.

Jeg er heller ikke den som liker all papirplukkingen som kommer etter å ha sydd på papir... ellers er det jo en god ide :-9

Ha en fin dag!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

quilten din blir bare sååå flott! Du er jaggu snar i vendingen og får gjort unna ting og tang!
Lykke til med lukkekantsøm:o)

Lise in Norway said...

My OH my you done it again my friend. It is gorgeouse. Your quilting is fantastic!

Merete said...

Dette ble virkelig bra, flott quilting her!

Diana said...

How beautiful! And I love how the quilting is different in each block. It is truly unique.

Was the open air opera just for the premiere?

Guðrún said...

Thank you so much for yesterday, I am still smiling :) I think your quilting looks beautiful, I have never tried quilting with a paper motif.

May Kristin said...

Beautiful quilt! And it's not meesy at all!
Thank you for a fun day!

Erica said...

Absolutely stunning!!! The quilt looks wonderful and your quilting is beautiful.
Cheers Erica

Suzie said...

I love your machine quilting, Anne Ida! You've been pretty busy!

Karen said...

The red & white quilt is spectacular. Two color quilts are always a good choice.

AudiX78 said...

The red quilt is awesome!! Actually I feel even more priviledged to have a quilt of ours after seing your blog and how talented you are..even if "only" a coaster...:-) I would like to learn quilting I think.