Friday, 26 February 2010

Tropical Midnight

Not much sewing or quilting happening here these days, but I figured that I wouldn't leave my blog for dead for too long - so I decided to share this old 20.5" square mini:

It was made from a kit, back in the days when I didn't have much of a stash. You wouldn't think it's from my early quilting days when looking at the label on the back, which says finished 16. sept. 2006 (wish I had a date for when I finished the top... guessing is was sometime in 2001).

This was, ehh... my earliest attempt at hand quilting, and I brought it with me everywhere, but only made a couple of stitches every now and then. In the end I got soooo sick of it! And I ripped every quilting stitch out, sat down at the sewing machine and had the whole thing quilted and bound in a few hours. The machine quilting is wobbly and uneaven, but in this case finished was way better than perfect *lol*

These days it hangs in my bedroom, on the wall next to the window - out of sunlight to hopefully keep that black from turning grey.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and creative weekend!
Hugs and stitches from
Anne Ida &


Lappetausa said...

Nice project! A big hug to Anton from me, he is adorable!

Janet said...

It's been a week like that for me too, oh well, never mind. I think it's great to keep those older works, it's a memory and a testament as to how far you've travelled with quilting. Great to see your special friend in your blog post.

*karendianne. said...

Oh look at our buddy there! Nice to see Anton. I love your quilt here. I laugh at you taking out all the hand quilting. Well, I shouldn't laugh. That's not funny. It's pretty though, Anne Ida and it makes me think "I have something that would work for a little quilt like this..." so there I go getting distracted already. hee! Great over coffee. Warmly and with many hugs, *karendianne.

Merete said...

The colourful fabric in the quilt looks very nice! I have trouble with handquilting aswell, Im too impatient. I really admire those who handquilt big projects!

Shasta said...

It's pretty - the wonderful fabric adds great interest.

Hanne said...

Cute mini quilt :-)

Gudveig HN said...

Åhhh, så nydelig! Virkelig en kjempelekker liten quilt - i de lekreste farger :-)

Suzie said...

A lovely mini quilt! I'm glad you shared it with us! Does Alfons want to lear how to quilt?!