Sunday, 18 May 2014


One of the reasons my Park Bench has been put on hold is I have been doing some smaller stuff in between the long seams. I have been thinking of making one of those long potholder-thingys for quite a while, and when I had trouble coming up with a birthday pressie for my Mom I figured I'd give it a go and see if I could come up with something she would be happy with. Don't think this turned out too bad:

To protect the top of the user's hands I made two star blocks using the Hex n' More ruler - the half hexagon and the triangle was used for the blocks and then they were trimmed down.

I cut some extra triangles and used them on the back to break it up a little. The "hand pockets" are lined with a thin batting while the main part has got a double layer of medium thick cotton batting. Hopefully no fingers will be burned! However when I gifted it to her today, I was told it would not be put anywhere where it might get grease, stains or burns... have a feeling it might end up as a "table runner"...

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida


Karendianne said...

Oh but it's brilliant. I love the idea. I struggle with the pot holders and end up using kitchen towels. I'm not convinced this I safe.

Dollandesign said...

En fiffig "grytlappsvante" som alternativ till de vanlig grytlapparna, tycker jag.


Elli Scraporobki said...

Oh so cute!!

Beatrice said...

I like your idea of the extra triangles at the back!