Monday, 4 April 2011


Recently I have received 3 awards for my little blog; Oddbjørg has awarded me with this:

And Merete and Lise has awarded me with this:

Thank you so much, ladies! For the first you are asked to tell 8 things about yourself, and the other have five set questions to answer - so I decided to do a combination of the two:

1. Why did you start blogging?
Actually I started blogging because I wanted to sign up for a siggie swap that was for bloggers only. This was over four years ago - my blog is still going strong, but the blocks from the swap are still safely tucked away in my box of block - they will make it into a quilt someday!

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
Mostly quilting and craft blogs, but also some cooking blogs - I love to cook, and I'm always hunting for ideas for interesting tastes. Fun thing is - I can't follow a recipe - that goes for cooking as well as for quilting :o)

3. Favorite colour?
BLUE!!! No surprise??? *lol*

4. Favorite film?
That is a very hard question to answer - it all depends on the mood of the day - but mostly I watch romantic comedies and historical dramas. But... I don't usually cry when watching films - however I have seen "The Green Mile" three times and I have cried all three times.

5. Which country would you like to visit and why?
I'd love to go back to Greece someday - something about the light and the air - not to mention the food *lol* And I'd really like to go on a quilt tour of the US *lol*

....and then three more things to make up the eight: 1) I have a thing for radio theater - I think I have scoured the shelves at the library for them - something about listening to the dialogue and creating the scene in my head I find interesting; 2) a friend of mine came out from my bathroom the other night shaking her head and saying "you and your comics" - guess that says something - I keep a stack of comic books in there for whenever necessary; 3) I haven't bought a loaf of bread for over two years - just something about home baked that beats the shop bought, and honestly baking yourself isn't much of an effort and you can play around with so many variations and flavours.

Now I' supposed to award five (or ten? -or was that 15?) blogs with less than 100 followers - I really don't feel like picking five (or ten? -or was that 15?) from all the wonderful blogs out there, so if you have less than 100 followers and read this post - you have just received the award of your choice!

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida

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Gayle Bong said...

Really? The award of my choice. Okay, that'd be the best quilter in the world award. WOW, thank you I am sew honored.