Saturday, 23 April 2011

Results from sewing day

On Thursday I visited Yvonne for a day of sewing, chatting and lots of yummy food. We set up at either end of the dining table, cutting on the kitchen counter and ironing board at the end of the kitchen

Girls being creative might look a tad chaotic, but we achieved quite a lot during the day. Yvonne stitched and cut and planned more blocks for her version of Svennebrevet - I'll let her post those, so pop over to her blog for a look in a few days time :-) I too worked on my version of that quilt, you can just spot the top folded over the back of the chair in the foreground. Around mid-day we stopped for a yummy lunch - just look at this spread:

It was sooo incredibly tasty, and I kept on stuffing my mouth, and the energy got the creativity flowing.

The binding went onto my Sunkissed table topper, so that yesterday morning it could find it's way onto my kitchen table

Wondering what I did to my Svennebrevet? Scrappy borders - it took a bit of time, but far less than the piano keys I had originally planned, and I really like the look of how it turned out

Doesn't look much like the original quilt, does it? I did some thinking when I started planning the sashings.... I hadn't sewn a stitch on my Dear Jane since last summer, and honestly I have lost the inspiration to work on it. Looking at the 9" blocks got me thinking those blocks really would mix well with my DJ blocks. Just to make sure I wasn't completely off my rocker, I took a snap photo of the blocks laid out on the floor and e-mailed the pic to Rose to see what she had to say. The response I got was:

"U know its a shame to use your DJ blocks but I looooooooooove it!!!! They work perfectly with the 9" blocks and its very very clever (but do u wanna do those DJ blocks again??? lol) Then again, far better to be in a quilt than in a bag in the drawer."

Thanks sweetie for not thinking I'm nuts! *lol* I really wanted to keep the stripy feel of "Svennebrevet" so I decided to do the DJ blocks in rows alternating with the larger blocks. I thought perhaps to make the quilt a square, but that would mean 3" sashing strips, and I felt that was a bit too wide, so it is a few inches narrower than it is long. Now I "just" need to get it basted, quilted and bound!

Happy Easter!

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida


Mona said...

Svennebrevet/DJ quilt is gourgeous and special!
I have lost my DJ inspiration too, am currently putting the blocks I have made into a small wall hanging that I will call "Sorry Jane".

Annelies vdB said...

What a wonderful combination of blocks ! Sorry for Jean, but you did well.
Happy Easter !

Ann Marie said...

I love what you did with the Dear Jane blocks. Beautiful quilt.

Mary Lou Casada said...

I love, love, love it! Who'd have thought of using the DJ blocks that way? Very creative and original. Awesome!
Mary Lou

May Britt said...

Svennebrevet din versjon er bare helt nydelig. Så lurt av deg å bruke DJ blokkene her.

Satu said...

Happy Easter, Anne Ida!
Your newest quilt top is GORGEOUS! It was a splendid idea to use your beautiful DJ blocks!

Gudveig said...

Svennebrevet med DJ-blokker ble aldeles praktfullt!
...og kjøkkenbordduken ble riktig en søt liten sak :-)

Debbie said...

Great idea, Anne Ida. The design looks wonderful.

Rose said...

The sampler looks wonderful hun and such a clever use of the DJ blocks, they look fantastic!! Love the scrappy borders, they set the blocks off perfectly!!!
Your tabletopper looks great too!! Well done!
Happy Easter Hun xxx

Teresa said...

Very nice quilts and how fun to have a sewing day with a friend.

Sølvi's blog said...

Duken din ble veldig søt, og så så fort ferdig da. Svennebrevet ble aldeles praktfullt, og så fint å kombinere disse to quiltene til ett praktstykke du kan glede deg over i mange år framover.

Lise in Norway said...

You did it again my friend :-) Alltid leverer du Anne Ida Det ble virkelig lekkert og med din vri. Grattis

Elin said...

Gratulerer med nok ein nydeleg quilt, dette var ein super ide!!!

Berit said...

Hei igjen.
Hyggelig kommentar og ja, jeg biter tennene sammen og fortsetter "skoearbeidet" jeg. Går egentlig greit.
Blir spennende å se hvordan det går nå når jeg skal starte med pappmaler. Det går nok det også.
Men du verden så flott teppet ditt ble, kombinasjonen ble flott.
Ha en flott dag og uke videre.
Klem Berit

Sigrun said...

Så flott din versjon av svennebrevet blei. Genial ide å bruke DJ blokkene dine i denne quilten.

Rose Marie said...

Love, love this idea for your Svennebrevet/DJ quilt!

Guðrún said...

This looks great :) a good way to use your DJ blocks if you have lost your inspiration for finishing the