Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Getting the holidays mixed up

I couldn't resist snapping this picture of my latest appliqué block in progress and a the Christmas cactus from my Mum's kitchen :o) Not hard to see where the inspiration for the block pattern came from, even though I still have some red buds left to appliqué.

A few weeks ago I joined a block of the month program at the SBS & Other Elm Creek Quilts yahoo group. At the moment there are 14 of us working on blocks from the Christmas Greetings from Elm Creek Manor quilt. This is the April block - Star of the Magi:

The Christmas Cactus isn't due till June, but I'm slow at appliqué, and I needed something portable, so cheating and skipping ahead on the block was a good option.

Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida


Ann Marie said...

Star of the Magi is very pretty. I like how you placed the blue fabric so the pattern radiates out from the center.

Rhonda said...

Both blocks are great. You are doing a wonderful job. Applique is not one of my strong suits, it takes me forever.

Butterfly said...

Ja, det er ikke lett å holde orden på disse ulike helligdagene ;O)

Hadde en flott sydag sammen med deg!! Må gjentas :O)

Din mors julekaktus har flotte blomster :O) Passer godt når du viser den sammen med blokken som matcher :O)

Fikk gjort litt i dag, selv om det gikk smertelig sakte, kreativ pollenrus......

Straks helg igjen nå, Kos deg!!

klemmer fra Yvonne

ConnieB/CA said...

Good for you getting the Christmas cactus mostly done! I actually started mine today. Well, pressed the freezer paper to the green fabric. I am thinking about machine appliqueing mine.

Fiesta said...

Your block is beautiful!