Tuesday, 17 November 2009

It's a mystery

It is a bit of mystery... I have been quilting for over 10 years and never done a mystery quilt! I have watched as mysteries have been solved in blogland, and I have loved a lot of the finished products - whether potholders, table toppers/runners, or quilts. More than once have I thought "Now why didn't I join in and do that?".

Rose and I chatted a bit when Bonnie at Quiltville started the "Double Delight" mystery back in January - Rose went ahead and ended up with a gorgeous quilt, I decided not to do it... How many times have I regretted that decision? So I made a promise to myself and to Rose that the next time Bonnie brought out a mystery, I would join in. Have you seen the announcement? The Carolina Christmas mystery quilt is starting on Friday, November 27th :o)

On a late night of no sleep because of road work (they should have been done by now!!!) I went through my stash and picked out these:

There are lots of smaller pieces here, and I'm not sure how far this is going to get me, but there's more where this came from. The 2.5" strips are from my scrap box! As you can see, except for the red, which I have replaced with blue, I'm going with the same colours as Bonnie. Blue is not a Christmas colour in my book so I'll have to come up with a fitting name for my quilt once I see what becomes of it :o)

Now I know Rose is planning to do this one very scrappy with lots of bits and pieces from old stash, and I know Beth already have her bright and funky fabrics picked out. Anyone else?

Hugs and stitches from
Anne Ida
Btw. LeKa is having a fabulous giveaway in honor of having more than 30 000 hits on her blog, and passed 200 posts - way to go, girl :o)


sjoko said...

Heisan, dette ser kjempe spennende ut. Jeg har tenkt det samme som deg - åååh så spennende - men ikke kommet igang selv. Jeg har faktisk en mysteri - BOM liggende uten å få startet på en eneste blogg..... Jeg tar en titt innom bloggen din igjen og ser hvordan det går videre :o)

Trisha said...

I have never made a mystery quilt either. I am so tempted to join in as it looks so fun! I just need to figure out if I can fit it in with all the Christmas sewing and knitting I need to get done in the next 38 days!

Lappetausa said...

Dette var morosamt, eg har seriøst vurdert det også. Vi får sjå. Ventar på nokre magasin frå USA, og har lenkje til Bonnie klar med nyhendebrev og det heile. Og det treng ikkje vere ferdig til jul...

Rose said...

Ohhhh I cant wait, this will be fun! Please remind me that Im sticking to using my stash, no fabric shopping for this one lol Love the fabrics you have chosen hun!
Hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

I need to get my strips cut and post a pic too. I am going to do it in purple, green, gold and the neutrals. I just did the "Christmas Lights" mystery and that is enough red for me for a while, so purple it is!

Astrid said...

I also missed the last mystery and regretted it, too! So this time, I must join the christmas mystery. But first I have to decide which colors/fabrics should I use!
I like the fabrics Bonnie showed us on her blog.


Cottontail Quilts said...

I just found your blog and had to follow because of you tag line! I'm working on a new quilt today as I see 4 in the basket ready for the hoop, feeling sad they were passed by.
A new follower, quiltaholic, and fabric junkie! I look forward to spending time with you here. Cindi

Guðrún said...

Should I or should I not???