Sunday, 29 November 2009

Weekend quilting

Have you seen that Bonnie have posted part 1 and 2 of the Carolina Christmas mystery? When I saw she had posted the first part on Friday, I just had to start cutting and sewing, and around midnight I was done with the first step:

Fun, fun, fun!! But I had promised myself (and Rose) that I would quilt my Sister's Choice before doing part 2, and seeing Bonnie had said Sunday... well, Bernie and I have quilted like crazy for a couple of days:

And now the quilting is done:

The edges still have to be trimmed, and i have to do the binding, but I figure I will cut the binding and piece that in between all of Bonnie's triangles :o)

My friend Leisha Camden had some visitors from Japan over for a couple of days, and I invited them here for dinner last night - whale stew (yummy!), and home made caramel pudding for dessert (even more yummy!!) - and there is a little left over for me tonight - so today is quilting, not cooking!

Enjoy your first Sunday of Advent!
Hugs and stitches from
Anne Ida


Merete said...

What a wondeful quilt you have made!

*karendianne. said...

Ohhh see and just as I was forgetting about the lovely sisters choice quilt, you bring it back into my range of vision so we could reignite that serious case of the WANTS! You delightful quilty friend and maker you!!!

Jeanne said...

Great work and self discipline to finish quilting your sister's choice before tackling step 2 of the mystery. It turned out great.

Beth said...

OH! You got a jump on me! My youngest son had a soccer tourament all weekend. I did get my strips cut for the 1st half of step one. I have sewn about half, but hope to finish them all tonight. It was a long weekend (12 hrs on Friday, 11 on Saturday) but today they WON! I promise to post my pictures when I get some done...

Laila said...

Hi. Another great , lovly quilt. ;-)
You realy got a lot of work done..
Hugs. ;-)