Friday, 4 April 2008

A finish, PIF and some inspiration

Over the last few evenings I have been working on my wallhanging from Rose's Spice pattern from Australian Homespun that I showed in my previous post - and I've finished it! This is how it has turned out:

I'm so happy with it!!! And of course it had to get up on the wall right away :o)

The Pay it Forward is taking a tour of Blogland - and I have signed up for another round, with the lovely Nadine this time. Now Cathi, Linda and Sandra, I haven't forgotten you - my PIF pressies for you will be on it's way soon. And for the rest of you: the first 3 friends to enter a comment on this post will get a little something handmade from me sometime in the 6 upcoming months, under the promise to Pay It Forward. Come on, it's fun and it feels sooo good !

I have also gotten some inspirational mail in the last days - think I'll have time to sew between the reading???

The Norwegian Quilter's Association is having the annual meeting this weekend - and I'll spend the day tomorrow getting lots and lots of vitamin Q! I also have some more quilty news, so stay tuned for over the weekend!

Have a great weekend!
Sincerely, Anne Ida


Gudveig HN said...

Så nydelig ditt broderi ble! Ser at du ellers har nok av "ting og saker" å holde på med... :-)
Kanskje vi sees på Olavsgaard - dit skal jeg også i helgen.

Annelies said...

I see you have already the latest books of Jennifer. I have ordered them at Amazon and hope to receive them soon !

Linda said...

Your wall hanging is lovely Anne Ida... I'm sure you'll enjoy the books you've received.

Valerie said...

Your wallhanging turned out great!

I LOVE the Cival War Diary book, I just bought it this past week too. I haven't picked up the Love Letters but it's on my list. I have been collecting civil war repro's for a little while, can't wait to start making some of those blocks! :) It's great reading too, I've even read some entries that talk about things that have happened around where I live. A little scary too, to think those things happened here, but really neat to learn about!

Rose said...

Oh wow sweetie, it looks great!! I love the fabrics, its perfect!!! (I can read those words lol) Ill make you a label for it!!
Great books, id love them all. Have a wonderful time at the meeting and say hi to everyone for me!!
Hugs xxx

Gunn Torild said...

Kjempeflott! Hilsen Gunn Torild

Julie said...

Anne Ida,
I am so envious of your ability to finish your projects so quickly, but please remember to care of your body too! It takes some of the joy out of it when you are hurting. Did you send in a block for Jennifer's "Chimney's and Cornerstones" quilt? I had to send my book back to Amazon as it had a tear right in the center of the book. I forgot to check all the names to see who of the SBS regulars was listed. It was so cool to see my name listed. Take care, Julie

Nihal said...

You are very hardworking, Anne. I am always watching you;)
N'joy your books!
Have a blessed Sunday.

~ Nihal

meggie said...

Well done, your stitchery is lovely!

Christine said...

Your wall hanging looks lovely, Anne Ida. Another great design from Rose. I'm hoping to start the stitcheries for her table runner soon. Good to see your Civil War books have arrived. They're lovely to read although I've still only made one block. Happy stitching.

Sweet P said...

I love your wallhanging. It's adorable.

quiltorstitch said...

What a cute wallhanging! I need to make fancier ones, I love the border you put around the stitchery, very pretty. :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anne Ida, du lager så utrolig mye fint:)Det er alltid gøy å se hva Quiltoholikeren driver med. Har funnet en gammel patchwork book fra 70 tallet som jeg du får når jeg kommer i mai. Litt morsomt:)Vi sees snart, gleder meg.