Friday, 18 April 2008

Still here + new bloggers

I just thought I'd check in and let you know I'm still here. I have been doing some quilting on my SBS, but basically life has been getting in the way over the last week. Hope to get back on track this weekend :o)

Speaking of SBS: a couple of friends from the SBS mailing list have joined in on the blogging fun - so please pop over and say hi to: Julie and Nicki.

Happy quilting!
Sincerely, Anne Ida


Diana said...

Take care and I hope things get better this weekend.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Look forward to seeing and hearing more from you - as you are able. Take care of yourself. Hugs, *karendianne.

Rose said...

You know im loving it!!!!
Big hugs xxx

LC said...

Every time I pop by and have a look, I'm amazed at how lovely this quilt is, and the lovely color choices... blessings to you!

Suzie said...

Your SBS is simply breathtaking!!!
The colors match so well together!
It is a great work!